Why Buy Land In Brownwood?

A wide-open landscape with rolling vistas dotted with live oaks, mesquite, bluebonnets, black-eyed Susans, and Indian paintbrush makes Brownwood, Texas a picturesque place to discover land for sale. Brownwood combines the best of small-town friendliness with a captivating historic downtown and a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. 

We've answered your top 5 questions about everything you need to know about life in Brownwood, Texas, and owning your own piece of Texas Hill Country at The Hideout Golf Club & Resort.

1. What Makes Brownwood, Texas Feel Like Home?

The thriving city of Brownwood is located near the geographical center of the Lone Star state. Being in the northern end of Hill Country allows you to enjoy the rolling hills, trees, outdoor recreation, and a large recreation lake whether you are looking to create a home for your family, your dream home, or your retirement home. Adventure for this home is just outside your doorstep. 

Make your weekend getaway a lifetime getaway.


The unique history of Brownwood comes alive at the various historical sites. All of Brownwood's historical sites take you from the early dust-covered days to a thriving city in the heart of Texas.

  • Camp Bowie Memorial Park is where the history of the nearby World War II military training facility comes to life. Now it serves as one of the four Texas Army National Guard Training sites.

  • Brown County Museum of History is housed within the old 1903 Brown County Jail that resembles an old European castle and highlights Brownwood’s history from the Native American band of Penateka Comanche and early Texas settlers to relics of Camp Bowie to more recent history.

  • Martin & Frances Lehnis Railroad Museum showcases the arrival of the railroad in the 1880s along with the people who made their livelihoods working there through exhibits featuring clothing, memorabilia, and photographs.  

  • Historic Downtown is a great way to walk through the history of Brownwood while you discover unique places to eat and interesting places to shop. 

Walking through the history of this area transforms Brownwood from just another city to your unique home.

Lake Brownwood 

With almost 100 miles of shoreline, Lake Brownwood offers numerous activities from boating, swimming, fishing, and other water sports that are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, families, and retirees. Located on Lake Brownwood is the Lake Brownwood State Recreation Area, which the Civilian Conservation Corps oversaw in the 1930s. The tranquil waters and timeless beauty that springs from the history of Lake Brownwood make it an extraordinary piece of Brownwood.

Other Outdoor Adventures

The abundance of wildlife in this picturesque part of Hill County allows for a variety of outdoor adventures for children all the way to retirees, including the following: 

  • One of the top hunting destinations in Texas,

  • Rocky hiking trails to explore,

  • The best fishing in the area,

  • Stunning parks,

  • Scenic locations for picnicking,

  • The area’s best golfing,

  • Nature studies with the abundance of wildlife,

  • Camping at Lake Brownwood Recreation Area, and 

  • Endless outdoor adventures!

Brownwood’s rolling hills, scenic trails, numerous wildlife available creates a unique setting to bring friends and family to that highlight why Brownwood feels like home.

Texas Towns and Cities Near Brownwood

With Brownwood’s central location, it’s easy to explore other places in Texas, including the over 50 wineries and vinyards in the Texas Hill Country. Midland County, Abilene, Lubbock, Odessa, and San Angelo are just a short drive from Brownwood. At the end of the day, the endless outdoor adventures in the wide-open landscape will draw you back home to Brownwood. 

From immersing yourself in the history of Brownwood and everything the natural beauty that the Texas Hill Country offers, Brownwood will feel like home. At The Hideout, this 1,400-acre community offers scenic views of The Hideout Golf Club, Lake Brownwood, and the rolling hills and deep forests of Brown County, as well as an impressive selection of homesites, to be your next home. Discover more about the lakefront property for sale in this central Texas location.

2. What Makes the Central Texas Town of Brownwood Unique?

There has never been a better time for you to discover land for sale to build the home of your dreams in Brownwood, Texas. Living in Brownwood places the Texas Hill Country lifestyle within arms reach.

Brownwood History 

  • The name of the city and county of Brownwood comes from Henry Stevenson Brown, and Texas cattle ranchers and farmers originally settled the area.
  • During the late 1860s, a land-title dispute and problems with an inadequate water supply caused the residents to move Brownwood to a sixty-acre site on the west side of the Pecan Bayou, and this the city’s current location.
  • As a feeder line of the Western Trail, cowboys drove herds through Brownwood, which caused residents to build stores and saloons to serve their needs.
  • Once they built the cotton gin in 1877, Texas began offering land to farmers, which increased Brownwood's population.
  • Brownwood became the center of the Farmers’ Alliance after the building of the West Texas District Alliance Cotton Yard. After becoming the center of this, the town established the weekly alliance paper that they named the Freemans Journal.
  • In 1884 Brownwood had nine general stores, five saloons, two hotels, two banks, and a grist and steam cotton mills at its incorporation. 
  • The following year, 1885, the town built the Colorado, Santa Fe, and Gulf Railroad through Brownwood.
  • Despite hardships from a boll weevil infestation and various problems stemming from the cotton industry in the early 1900s, the Brownwood population continued growing.
  • In 1917, oil was discovered near Brownwood, causing the population to soar.
  • In 1912 they built a third short-lived railroad named the Brownwood North and South as a way to connect Brownwood with the Brownwood community, but it lost money, and the town abandoned this railroad in 1927.
  • In 1933 many of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) projects, which were part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal programs, came to Brownwood in the form of Lake Brownwood.
  • Camp Bowie was built as a military training installation in the fall of 1940 to eventually become the largest military training center in the state of Texas.
  • The closing of Camp Bowie in 1946 and a seven-year drought had a terrible effect on the agribusiness of the region and made it difficult for Brownwood to sustain its growth rate.
  • Since the 1980s, businesses such as commercial printing, meat-packing, and manufacturing of items such as construction equipment, leather gloves, plumbing fixtures, and oilfield machinery have helped with population growth. 

This unique history has made Brownwood the perfect spot for business and industry as well as a great place to raise a family, retire, or simply take in the sights of Central Texas. The Brownwood slogan “Feels Like Home” is more than a slogan; it’s the way of life at The Hideout. Learn more about The Hideout’s newest neighborhood spanning 1,400 acres and providing tremendous value and opportunities for families of all ages to feel at home.

3. Where to Find Land for Sale in the Texas Hill Country?

Discovering where to find real estate in Brownwood or at Lake Brownwood can be daunting. If you’re looking for a tranquil lake inviting you to wade in and enjoy, The Hideout has waterfront property overlooking beautiful Lake Brownwood and all the best that Central Texas offers. This 1,400-acre resort community also offers non-lakefront property with views of Lake Brownwood, the golf resort, and the scenic rolling landscape.

The endless array of inspiring vistas and rousing recreation make it the perfect place to enjoy being with newfound friends or spending time with your cherished family in this relaxing resort environment.

Planned resort communities like The Hideout in the Brownwood, Texas Hill Country make it easy to find land for sale and takes the guesswork out of home construction. The respected local builders offer an impressive collection of single-family homes starting from 1,900 square feet, which feature handsome architecture, spacious interiors, and all of today’s best features, fixtures, and appliances. 

With The Hideout’s Love It and Live It experience, we help you get a taste of your future lifestyle here and help you discover how to own your own piece of this paradise. Our “Live It, Love It” Getaway is an exciting opportunity for you to test-drive great golf courses, water sports on Lake Brownwood, and fun-filled recreation that you could enjoy for a lifetime by you owning land in this part of Central Texas Hill Country!

Our onsite financing and The Hideout’s preferred homebuilders make it easy for you to own a piece of this Central Texas lakefront community. Learn more about The Hideout’s preferred homebuilders and personalized financing options. 

4. Why Build Your Dream Home at The Hideout Golf Club & Resort? 

The Hideout’s newest neighborhood provides tremendous value and opportunities for families of all ages, placing an array of resort conveniences and the surrounding area’s best golfing, fishing, hunting, and more right on your doorstep.

At The Hideout, you will have access to activities and amenities such as the following:

  • 1,400 acres of natural beauty;

  • Land for sale with easy access to Lake Brownwood;

  • Resort-style amenities for all ages;

  • A golf cart-friendly community;

  • An on-site 18-hole championship golf course;

  • The Hideout Grill is an on-site restaurant

  • Access to the area’s best fishing hunting, golfing, and camping, on Lake Brownwood’s 7,500 acres;

  • Two homebuilders to choose from or you can bring in your own;

  • Personalized, on-site financing available; and

  • You’ll be minutes from historic downtown Brownwood. 

When you choose to buy land at The Hideout, as a property owner, you receive exclusive benefits throughout the resort, such as complimentary rounds of golf, discounts on resort lodging, priority reservations, discounts on rentals, and discounts on merchandise. All of the future homesites available are only a short cart ride or walk away from even more family-friendly activities and amenities that are complemented by a full calendar of events.

Choose your view, at The Hideout, by hand selecting your preferred waterfront property or non-waterfront property with views of sparkling Lake Brownwood or our beautiful golf course or scenic Central Texas Hill Country.

5. What if You Are Looking to Buy Land in Brownwood But Are Not Ready to Build?

If you are ready to buy land for sale in Brownwood, TX, but you are not ready to build your dream home or are planning for a future vacation or a retirement home, The Hideout has the option of “Buy Now, Build When You Want” flexibility. This allows you to purchase land at The Hideout and still enjoy the benefits that come from being a resident before you build your home.

If you are curious about the cost of land, it depends on a couple of factors specific to your future homesite. All of The Hideout’s land parcels are zoned for residential use, and the cost of buying your preferred land parcel depends on the size and location of the land.

The experience of custom designing your new home is a breeze when you partner with one of our two preferred home builders with decades of experience in custom home building. If you have a preferred home builder that is not one of ours, it’s no problem. Landowners at The Hideout have the flexibility of working with the builder of their choice. 

Once you discover life at The Hideout, you’re sure to fall in love with it and understand why over 500 new property owners have joined The Hideout family in the last three years! Discover how you build your dream home while spending your days playing golf at the Hideout Golf Club & Resort’s 18-hole championship course, meeting new and old friends for mouthwatering meals—for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—at The Hideout Grill, and seeking out new adventures in charming downtown Brownwood or at Lake Brownwood.

Discover How to Make Lakefront Property Around Lake Brownwood Your Own Piece of Paradise

We help you plan your visit today to learn more about buying land in Central Texas Hill Country. This incredible community offers waterfront property around Lake Brownwood and other homesites just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Lake Brownwood. Come discover why hundreds of families already love living and playing here at The Hideout.