Five Reasons Your Next Vacation Should be Lakeside

Summer is just around the corner, and many of us have begun to daydream about our next getaway. Instead of trekking to a coastal destination where you have to compete for a spot in the sand, consider retreating to the tranquil, wide-open shores of a lake instead.

1. Lower Costs

Renting a house or hotel room by the ocean doesn't come cheap, especially if you're looking for beachfront, "toes in the sand" access. During the summer months, when beach mania is at its peak, rental and hotel prices often skyrocket to meet demand as well. Lakefront stays, on the other hand, are often a much better deal, even during peak summer seasons.

2. Good Eats

Leave the sand flies and seagulls behind when you indulge in lakeside dining! If you're an angler, you can still catch your own fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner — freshwater fish may not have the same briny flavor as a saltwater fish, but they taste just as good fried in a beer batter or grilled over an open flame. Picnics are also a fine way to dine, whether you snag a picnic table in a recreation area or take a boat and a snack cooler out to a private island.

3. Fun Activities

Lakes are an ideal place to cool off and enjoy a variety of fun, refreshing aquatic activities. Inner tubing, water-skiing, canoeing, kayaking and swimming are all available on a lake at any time, with few restrictions. Boating is also easier on a lake, since it's not reliant on the ever-changing whims of ocean currents and tides.

4. Natural Views

If you're looking for a true retreat into nature, there's no better place to go than a lake. Lakes are landlocked by definition and are often encircled by stunning landscapes, including untouched forests, rolling hills and deep valleys. There are few experiences that rival sitting on a lakeside dock or porch and watching the sun dip below the hills and trees, and the stars slowly start to sparkle like jewels in a clear dark sky.

5. More Space

When it comes right down to it, there are simply more miles of lakefront shoreline than there are of oceanfront shoreline. Even small states like Alabama have more lakefront mileage to their name than the USA's entire Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico shores combined. This means lakeside vacationers have a lot more room — nearly 100 miles of shoreline, in the case of The Hideout's neighboring Lake Brownwood — to spread out and enjoy their very own slices of waterfront paradise! Social butterflies can gather around the grills and explore hidden islands and coves by boat, canoe or kayak while solitude-seekers indulge in an undisturbed waterfront experience.

view of land for sale next to Lake Brownwood TX at dawn

Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Brownwood, The Hideout Golf Club & Resort is one of the Texas Hill Country's favorite destinations for championship golf, lakefront resort getaways and vacation-style living. Featuring overnight lodging, resort amenities and farm-to-table dining, families can also enjoy limitless opportunities for water sports and outdoor recreation and right now, land for sale with some of the area's finest values and views. Hundreds of families already love living and playing at The Hideout.

For information about available land that can be purchased, visit The Hideout Golf Club & Resort in person or contact us. You can also book a one-hour tour to explore the resort community and learn more about the homesite specials.


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